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Bayside Osteo offers osteopathic treatment for acute and chronic pain relief. It is suitable for people of all ages from newborns to the elderly. At Bayside Osteo importance is placed on empowering you to return to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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Osteopathy relies on manual contact for diagnosis and treatment. It respects the relationship of body, mind and spirit in health and disease; it lays emphasis on the structural and functional integrity of the body and the body's intrinsic tendency for self-healing. Osteopathic practitioners use a wide variety of therapeutic manual techniques to improve physiological function and/or support homeostasis that has been altered by somatic (body framework) dysfunction, i.e. impaired or altered function of related components of the somatic system; skeletal, arthrodial and myofascial structures; and related vascular, lymphatic, and neural systems.

Osteopaths are autonomous primary contact practitioners who treat patients from across the life span. 90% of patients access osteopathic care without a referral. Osteopaths have a professional focus on conditions affecting the neuro-musculoskeletal system and the management of pain.



Cranial osteopathy is not different to osteopathy, it is the name given to a subtle and refined treatment approach to osteopathy that follows all the principles of osteopathy, and it is used throughout the body not just in the head.

This gentle approach works on reducing any acute or chronic states of tension and strain in tissue throughout the whole body, supporting the inherent restoration of normal to occur.

Both Mike and Loretta have undertaken post graduate training in the Biodynamic approach to Cranial Osteopathy.


It is important to note that the Principles of Practice of Osteopathy treat the body as a ‘whole unit of form and function’, therefore detailing a long list of conditions the we treat would be too narrow a focus. Often the presenting complaint is more than just that.

It must be noted that under Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) we are entitled to advise people of what osteopaths do treat provided there is sufficient evidence to support those claims.

For current evidence and research within our scope or practice, please refer to the below link that demonstrates the effectiveness that Osteopathy may offer:



The journey through growth and development is considerable during this period. Sports activities generally increase and so do related impact injuries. Postural adaptations can occur around this age so it is important that awareness of how you sit (long hours at the laptop doing homework or gaming) during these times, and the value of having regular breaks. Osteopathy may help with acute and chronic sports injuries and poor posture related symptoms in teenagers such as back, neck and pelvic and joint pain.

Whether it be working, stay at home parenting, playing your sport or regular activities, injuries can be picked up on the way. Osteopathy may help you to get back on track doing the things you love.

Adults who visit osteopaths often present with back and neck pain, migraines and headaches, joint mobility restrictions (age or injury initiated) and sciatic related symptoms.

Whilst there is currently a lack of evidence into the efficacy of treatment of non-musculoskeletal related conditions, as osteopaths we do see adults with stress related GIT (gastro-intestinal tract) symptoms, and patients have reported that osteopathy has been beneficial to them.

Additional research:
Bronfort 2010;  Qaseem 2017;  Bischoff 2006;



Your body undergoes a transformation through each trimester as the foetus develops. There are changes to your musculoskeletal system, hormonal changes and the increase of weight. These changes may place stress on your body and old injuries may re-emerge, and new symptoms develop.

Expectant mothers may seek help for pregnancy related back, neck and pelvic pain and headaches. This also applies to post pregnancy.

Additional Research:
Licciardone JC 2009;  Pennick V 2010;  Frawley J 2016

Whilst there is currently a lack of evidence supporting the effectiveness of osteopathy in other pregnancy related complaints (such as reflux, fluid retention, pregnancy related carpal tunnel), we as osteopaths, as well as patients, often report that osteopathy has been beneficial to the above mentioned symptoms.



Both Loretta and Mike have undertaken additional post-graduate studies in the treatment of children as we have a special clinical interest in this area of practice. It is important to note that we are not qualified ‘specialists’ nor ‘experts' in this field.

The pregnancy and birth process may place a lot of stress on the baby's body. Generally, through feeding (sucking / swallowing), crying, movement and respiration these strains tend to settle. Occasionally however, these natural processes may not be enough and we find musculo-skeletal strains and tension throughout the body.

In accordance to evidence based practice, babies that have difficulty with feeding, latching or reflux ‘related to postural asymmetry’ may benefit from osteopathy. Babies presenting with plagiocephaly (flat head) from primary (in-utero) or secondary (constant lying on back, head to one side) causes may also benefit with osteopathy.

Additional research:
Philippi H 2006;  Kelmanson IA 2006

With respect to colic, this is generally a multifactorial presentation of which osteopathic intervention may play a part in the overall treatment plan.

Additional research:
Miller JE 2006;  (It is important to note that this Chiropractic study involved gentle movement of the spine; one of the modalities that Osteopaths use.)

Currently there is a lack of evidence supporting the effectiveness of osteopathy in relation to the treatment of the ‘unsettled’ baby and / or child. However, we as clinicians and the parents of the children who visit the clinic often report that treatment has been beneficial to them.


If you have concerns about any condition that you, or a family member may have, that has not been listed above, please feel to call and discuss as we have the knowledge and skills to determine as to whether Osteopathy is right for you, or refer to the appropriate professional body that may help you.

Treatment Charges


Initial Appointment $140  
Subsequent Appointment $110



Initial Appointment $140
Subsequent Appointment $100


*If your health fund covers osteopathic treatments, we can process them on the spot through our HICAPS facility.


Who We Are



BSc. (Hons) Osteopathy


If you would like to know more information or make a booking please call (07) 3269 4794

Being treated by an Osteopath was my 'light bulb' moment.


My journey to becoming an osteopath has been an eventful one. My previous background was in finance and having played plenty of sports in my life, I've had various forms of physical therapy for injuries picked on the way. What appeals to me about Osteopathy are the fundamental principles that we are more than the sum of our parts and recognising that given the right environment, we have the capacity to for 'Health' - no matter what age.

What does that mean for you? It means that when you come into our treatment room, we examine all aspects of your life that has brought you to this point of injury. We look at things holistically and we work together in finding a resolution. That's what I love about being an Osteopath.

I studied at the College of Osteopaths, London, England, graduating in 2004. Since then I've worked here in Australia establishing Bayside Osteo in Sandgate in 2011. In that time, I have also built up solid working relationships with other Allied Health Professionals and GP's should the injury be outside of my scope as an Osteopath. Over the past 12 years I have undertaken ongoing study in Biodynamic Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, completing Phases 1-8, and the Treatment of Children (Phases 1-3).

By having a diverse range of osteopathic skills, it allows me to treat patients of all ages.



BAppSci MOst


If you would like to know more information or make a booking please call (07) 3269 4794

It is a privilege to work with and support individuals in their quest for better health and wellbeing.

I studied Osteopathy at RMIT Melbourne, after first hearing of osteopathy through my Grandma; the idea of learning to listen to the body sparked great interest in me.

I graduated from RMIT in 2007, and practiced in Brisbane for two years, and then moved to Ireland where I practiced in two clinics in Dublin. I returned to Brisbane in 2014, happily joining the lovely team at Bayside Osteo.

I gained invaluable experience in working with children and mothers in my time in Ireland, working alongside osteopaths with extensive clinical experience in these areas. Since graduation, I have also undertaken further study in visceral treatment, the biodynamic approach to cranial osteopathy (phase 1-2; and paediatric phase 1-2) and the treatment of newborns and children. I have a gentle approach to treatment, with a strong respect for the body, and appreciate the individual nature of each person.



B.Clin.Sci (Hum.Bio), M.Ost


If you would like to know more information or make a booking please call (07) 3269 4794

Hi there, I’m Teleah 

I fell in love with Osteopathy after experiencing the effects at a young age. I became intrigued with the human body and how osteopathy could enhance its capacity. I love that osteopathy addresses not only our symptoms but also the root cause of our ailments. 

During a consultation with me you can expect a little bit of conversation. It is important for me to learn about you, what makes you get up in the morning and what makes you feel not so great. I believe both these aspects can play a big role in the way your body feels and functions.

I am passionate about meeting you where you are at and forming goals together to get you to where you want to be. I value education and believe osteopathy can help people understand their bodies and feel empowered to regain control of their health

My treatment style uses a broad range of techniques and each treatment will be centred around what your body needs and what you prefer. By minimising stressors on your system, we can optimise the quality in which you move and feel.

I have a particular interests in:

  •  Pre and postnatal care
  •  Menstrual pain
  •  Headaches 
  •  Jaw pain
  •  Low back and pelvic pain

I look forward to working with you!

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Mike, Loretta and Teleah are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and are members of Osteopathy Australia.

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MAPS BPsych Psychologist Dip. PPsych


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I have been practicing psychology for over 10 years and care about my clients' wellbeing. I want the best for my clients and offer empathy and support, especially in times of suffering.

Through one-on-one counselling I provide adults time and space to reconnect with their inner resources. I work with adults to manage anxiety, reduce stress and over come symptoms of depression. I help clients find out what makes life worth living and assist in creating positive emotions and cultivating mindfulness. I feel compelled to support people and care about the people around me.

I have expertise in positive psychology and trauma.